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We contact you as set out in our Privacy Policy. Primarily we will contact you by email, however on some occasions we may contact you by SMS or a phone call for telephonic Interviews, by calling you or by sending a postal questionnaire to your registered address. You will always be able to clearly identify any communication from us - emails and letters will be very clearly from True Opinion, text messages will always say 'True Opinion', and in any phone call we will clearly tell you that it is someone calling on behalf of True Opinion. All our surveys are for genuine research purposes and your answers will never be used to try to sell you something at a later date.
Precise Research Solutions is an online fieldwork/Market Research Company and panel specialist who owns the True Opinion brand. Precise Research Solutions work with reputable research agencies and manufacturers to assist in their understanding of customers by gaining the views of real people like you. For further information about Research Now, please refer to our corporate information section.
If you have enquiries about any aspect of our service or if you would like to make any suggestions to improve our service, please email us by using the contact form.
Market researchers or Fortune 500 companies are interested in your opinions to make their product or service better. We help them by providing them with your views on issues related to their clients' needs. For this reason we charge researchers/ Companies for collecting opinions of the people who are likely to be customers of their products and services. Our members' views and opinions are obviously very important in this process and since market researchers are willing to pay for this information we pass some of that payment directly on to you!
The relationship between Precise Research Solutions, the company that owns TRUE OPINION and this website and the members of the True Opinion Panel is detailed in this website's Terms and Conditions. The answers to the questions set out below do not form part of the contract between Precise Research Solutions and the members of the True Opinion Panel.
Yes, you should be minimum 16 yrs old for participating in our panel. True Opinion Panel is not only available to residents of India but it is widely open for other countries like USA, Canada, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Korea and other countries. At the moment we are not able to offer this service to people under the age of 16.
No, we do not sell your personal Information to any other company. We protect your personal information; we base our business on two valuable concepts, trust and quality. We will never contact you for marketing purposes, only for market research purposes. All information passed on to associated marketing research agencies is anonymous. You can trust us to keep your personal details safe and free from any external parties. The information you provide us will be strictly used by True Opinion for research purposes only. Please see our Privacy Policy, which explains how we process your personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998.
No. We do not allow people to create more than one account with us. We are interested in the opinions of individuals and we cannot have people filling in the same survey for us more than once. We regard the creation of more than one account as fraudulent behavior and it will result in the termination of your membership. If you think that you may have created multiple accounts by mistake, please contact our member services department.
If you wish to make any changes to your account, please log into your account at www.true-opinion.com and go to ‘Update Account Information’ where you should be able to make the necessary changes yourself.
If you wish to change your email address, please remember that it is also your username and make sure you use the new email address to log into your account after making the changes.
Please go to the log in page at www.true-opinion.com Please click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link and you will be prompted to enter your username. Your password will be sent directly to your Inbox.
In general you will be rewarded by a credit to your True Opinion account. The rewards work like this:
  • At the beginning of every survey we ask certain questions to validate your eligibility to carry on the survey. Once selected to progress, simply complete any research - other than a Hot Topics questionnaire - and we will reward you with an amount, clearly stated up-front, which will be credited directly to your True Opinionaccount within 28 days.
  • We do not offer rewards for 'Hot Topic' questions.
  • Sometimes you will be asked for participating in a survey but you’ll not get reward for completing the survey but we will inform you prior to that and instead of the Incentive what other benefits we are providing you to complete that particular survey.
If we identify that a respondent is not honest in his/her approach to research, for example by providing meaningless answers or trying to do multiple completions of the same survey, we cannot reward this respondent. However, withholding a reward from someone occurs very rarely and is only used as a means to stop the few dishonest people from spoiling the opportunity for everyone else.
When you have successfully completed a survey, the reward is held in pending status until the entire study has drawn to a close and the data has been processed. Please keep in mind that studies can take up to a month to finish, depending on the size and complexity of the study. Your True Opinionaccount will generally be credited within 28 days of successfully completing a survey. Some surveys are hosted by our affiliates and may not show-up in your account but it will show up after 35-40 days.
You can view your account balance anytime by logging into your account and checking My Rewards section.
The reward history page on your True Opinion account only shows rewards for regular surveys. Since you do not earn reward for taking pre-screeners, survey about you and hot topic, they are not listed on your True Opinion reward page.
For Indian Members: - When your account reaches INR 400, you will get an access to claim that amount. You’ll get an option to receive balance through Paypal or Bank Check. For both the options we will ask your account no or Paypal Id so that we can transfer the balance to you account.

For International Members: - When your account reach the minimum amount of $30, you will get an access to claim that amount. You’ll get an option to receive balance through Paypal. Transfer fee will be paid by the member itself.

Note: Paypal fee will be paid by you not by True Opinion. If you’ll request for a Bank check, INR 5 will be deducted from the total balance you have requested for.
We reserve the right to change the value of rewards paid for research that you undertake, although it is not our intention to do this. Please note that it is your responsibility to pay any personal taxation liability that may arise as a result of us paying you your reward.
To redeem your rewards, you need to log in to your True Opinionaccount. Please click on the link 'History' that will appear when your balance reaches INR400.00. You will be then prompted to claim that amount through Paypal or Bank check.
You will automatically be entered in the Prize Draw when you’ll complete the survey. You can receive any amount between INR 50-5000.

We have designed the Draw amount like this:

1 Member - 5000 INR or $110
2 Members - 2500 INR or $55
5 Members - 1000 INR or $22
10 Members - 500 INR or $10
15 Members - 50 INR or $01

In total we will distribute 20,750 INR. or $445
Unfortunately you cannot claim this amount until your credit has reached the required amount to claim for it. Should you wish to re-subscribe, this amount will be restored to your account.
Yes. Should you wish to reactivate your account at any point in time, please feel free to contact us via the contact form and choose 'Other' as subject, and we will be more than happy to reactivate your account for you.

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